Looking Back at Freshman Year: New/North Housing

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My current housing situation is very different than my living situation when I first started at USC. I am currently living in a two-story, 6 bedroom house that is accommodating nine people, but not long ago I was staying in a dorm hall and enjoying the “traditional-style” freshman housing at New/North.

My favorite thing about New/North was being so close to all the new friends I was making. Back in high school I lived ~20 minutes away from campus, and was always driving around and spending gas money to connect with friends. Some of my greatest memories from the dorms start with me just walking down the hall and seeing who else was still awake. Each of those nights turned into an adventure, whether it ended with spontaneous concerts, midnight milkshake runs, or watching films from the 50’s with my friends majoring in Cinematic Arts. Living off campus is great too though, as I was able to choose the friends that are just across the hall from me –– not to mention that having my own shower will always top the communal bathrooms that come with the traditional-style dorms.

Another great perk of living on campus was the meal plan, though I definitely did not appreciate it while I had access to it. It has been good to be taken off that crutch though, because I’ve started learning how to cook for the first time! My new strategy is to focus on cooking a different food each week; last week was chicken. Feel free to check out some of the recipes at the bottom, they were easy enough for me to learn and are actually pretty tasty.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Anyways, looking back I wouldn’t trade my dorm experience for anything, but I am also glad to be living with a group of close friends.









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