Best Foods On or Near Campus!

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I definitely love food so I thought I would share my knowledge of best foods on or near campus! This is a guide for both potential students who are visiting campus or students already at USC:


For Breakfast On Campus- Ronald Tutor Hall Cafe and Seeds (In the Campus Center) have AMAZING Breakfast Burritos. EVK & Parkside Dinning Halls have wonderful omelet bars.

For Breakfast Off Campus- Jacks n Joes has the best pancakes in all of LA. I actually went there this morning and got blueberry pancakes with lemon butter and it was delicious! The 29 café also has very good breakfast!

Jacks n Joes Chloe’s Blues pancakes

For Lunch On Campus- Lemonade in the Campus center is the most popular place for Lunch. Café 84 is also very popular with places like Wok Bar, Jamba Juice, and Daphne’s; Ronald Tutor Café has amazing Salads and Sandwich’s

For Lunch Off Campus- Freebirds, 29 Café, Sandwich Island (University Village), Chipotle, Chik-Fil-A, Pizza Rutico

For Dinner On Campus- California Pizza Kitchen (Campus Center), Pasta Presto (Café 84), Wasabi Sushi (Café 84),

For Dinner Off Campus- 901 Bar & Grill has amazing burgers, Mana’s Indian Cuisine, Pasta Roma, Viztango, Margarita Pizza Bar

Late Night On Campus- Tro-Gro (Open 24 hours)

Light Night Off Campus- Panini Café (Delivers 24-hours), Subway (Open 24 Hours), Panda Express (Open until 3am), Denny’s (Open 24 Hours), Spudnut’s Donuts (24 Hours)


For those people who have a car…

Best Breakfast: Nickel Diner (they have a bacon donut!)

Best Lunch: Urth Caffe

Best Dinner: Cucina Rustica (they have huge Calzones)


Hope this helps you the next time you are hungry and you want to try something new! I know it would have helped me! Happy Eating’s and watch the video below if you would like to learn more about the awesome dining options at USC!

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