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hello hello hello again! It’s the middle of November and for some reason, it’s still 80 and sunny in LA. I’m getting ready to head home for a few days next week to celebrate Thanksgiving (and Black Friday lol) with my family and friends, but I’ll be back Saturday to watch the very last home game of the season against Notre Dame in the coliseum. My semester is slowing down as we get closer to the end and finals approach. Another thing that I know is approaching is the Dec. 1st deadline to apply to USC to be considered for scholarships! I remember being a senior in high school and feeling a lot of pressure when applying to colleges. Not only was I confused on what major to apply under but I also didn’t know what school would be right for me.

1 more week til i'm w the fam again

1 more week til i’m w the fam again

To help you in this extremely nerve-racking decision, the VSAs put on a Live Chat – a panel of engineering students answering questions submitted to us by prospective students. We got hundreds and hundreds of questions and as the host, I tried to get to the ones that people asked the most frequently. You can find the recorded Live Chat here (viterbivoices.usc.edu/livechat). We talked about everything from studying abroad to life in LA and what we do in our free time outside of classes! I noticed that we got a lot of questions related to the acceptance rate, ACT/SAT score averages, AB/IB credit, and things like that, but those are definitely ┬ámore admission-related questions. Since we’re just a group of engineering students, we don’t have answers for questions like that so if you’re still wondering about those things go to the Viterbi Admission website at viterbiadmission.usc.edu or if you have specific questions that can’t be answered on that website, email viterbi.admission@usc.edu!

Fall 2016 Live Chat

Fall 2016 Live Chat

We also got a lot of questions about what you should be doing in high school (and specifically what you should put on your apps) to prepare for college application season. We actually recently rolled out a new series called Tips to Apply because we actually get questions about this a lot. You can go to that page and see what all of the VSAs said when asked for their best tips on applying to college. We also posted all of the tips on our Instagram account @viterbistudent.

from Stanford to UCLA, i love going to away football games!

from Stanford to UCLA, i love going to away football games!

Thank you to everyone who tuned into the Live Chat (and everyone who has gone back to watch the recording). We had a lot of fun doing it and hope you enjoyed watching it! Follow me on Instagram at @briajamison to keep up with what I’m doing (and to see me fighting on at the UCLA game this Saturday!).




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