My Housing at USC over the Years

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My first year at USC I lived in Marks Tower and had an awesome time! You can read my blog about Marks Tower from last year here. After that during my sophomore year I lived in Troy East with three of my friends from my fraternity.

Where I lived Sophomore year: Troy East

Where I lived Sophomore year: Troy East

Living in Troy East was a great time. It is set up as apartment style living and our suite had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a balcony. I had so much fun living there. My roommates and I had Sunday roommate dinners where one of us would cook dinner for all of the others on Sundays. It was great because we always had a variety of meals since we all came from different cultures. I would always cook Italian, my roommate David would generally cook Spanish inspired food, Christian had Mexican food covered and Clyde was great at making Chinese food. I always looked forward to roommate dinners. In addition, we would also have movie nights and frequently invite people over. It was always a fun place to be. In addition, Troy had study rooms on each floor and had a gym on the second floor so I frequented those spots a lot too. The best thing was that it was only a 5 minute walk to campus and it was very centrally located.

Where I currently live, my fraternity house.

Where I currently live, my fraternity house.

After living in Troy East I moved into my fraternity house when I took the position of Vice President. It has been a blast to live in the fraternity because it is like living with all of your best friends. There is always something to do, and there is never a dull moment. In addition, we have a chef that cooks meals during the weekday so it makes eating really easy. Also since I have taken a lot of positions in my fraternity and in the greek system I had a lot of housing points so I basically got my pick of all the rooms in the house. I landed a really nice room that was able to accommodate a big desk, two full size beds (the best decision of all time), had a great view, and was relatively quiet during the weekdays. I have really enjoyed living in the house for the past two years!

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