My Advice to Freshmen: Make Time for People

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Hey everyone,

I am going to make this one short and sweet. I think my one big piece of advice to Freshmen is to make time for people. Make time outside of the classroom for personal growth because that is a good part of what an undergraduate education is for; to transition into adulthood, transition into life on your own.

So make time for others. Whether is be exploring Los Angeles together, learning more about each other in student organizations, getting a Milkshake at Ground Zero, or going to a Vision and Voices event. College for me doesn’t stop when I exit the classroom, that is just the beginning. Freshman year I often found myself acclimating to college life by sometimes neglecting the personal relationships with people around me that I could be forming.

So my piece of advice would be to make time for that, it’s important  Make time to form those personal relationships. Try new things and put yourself in uncomfortable positions, I promise you will learn a lot. College goes by too fast and the people you meet and memories your make here are the things that will stay with you a lifetime.

Friendsgiving with Carly and Amy.

Friendsgiving with Carly and Amy.

Football game with Whitney and Theresa.

Football game with Whitney and Theresa.



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