A Long Time Coming: Why I Chose USC

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Hi everybody! This week, I thought I’d share a little bit about my college decision making process with you all.  Growing up with a dad who was a professor at USC and four older siblings who went here, I had a little bit of a head start in getting to know this school.  One thing about USC that completely captured …

EllenA Long Time Coming: Why I Chose USC

Why USC: In and Around LA!

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Nothing beats going to school in the heart of Los Angeles!  Whether it’s traveling around downtown, to the beach, to the mountains or even exploring NorCal and neighboring cities like Las Vegas and all their activities and national parks, there’s never a dull moment at USC. I wanted to go to a school that allowed me to explore and not …

HannahWhy USC: In and Around LA!
USC Coliseum

Why I Picked USC and Viterbi

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It’s crazy for me to think that a little more than two years ago, I had no idea where I was going to college. I didn’t know where I was going to spend the next four years of my life and I wasn’t even sure about my major. But I knew what I wanted out of college and what was …

EmilyWhy I Picked USC and Viterbi
New Space: One of the reasons why I chose USC

Why USC: To Boldly Go Where No Alex Had Gone Before

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“Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” As May 1st, 2012, college decision deadline quickly approached, I probably spent more time thinking about New Space (What is New Space? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NewSpace) than …

AlexWhy USC: To Boldly Go Where No Alex Had Gone Before

What made me choose USC?

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When I was deciding where to go to college (which is so much harder than the application process), I made a list “Must Haves” of what I knew I had to have in each school. For me, I knew I wanted a medium sized school with a good engineering program, strong athletics, and a study abroad program doable for engineers. Since …

BettyWhat made me choose USC?
The amount of school spirit on game days is phenomenal

Why USC Is the Perfect School for Me

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I’m currently in denial over the fact that in a little less than two months the semester is going to be over, I’ll start interning at Texas Instrument, and I’ll be classified as a senior. I’m not ready for my time at USC to come to an end. As I look forward to my final year as an undergrad at …

SarahWhy USC Is the Perfect School for Me
USC Wall

How I Decided on (and Then Fell in Love With) USC

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I’ve been lucky to spend the past three years at my happiest place on earth, USC. And even through it seems like forever ago, that means it’s only been three short years since I was staring at a pile of acceptance packages from schools all over the country, completely unsure of how I was expected to decide. I was 17, …

MollyHow I Decided on (and Then Fell in Love With) USC
Trojan Family Photo

The Trojan Family –– It’s No Joke !

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The process of applying to colleges, getting accepted, and finally choosing a school to attend is a long one, and to be honest I remember most of it as a blur. I’m from California and mostly focused on applying to California schools, so I took a road trip to visit different campuses I was interested in during my senior year. …

CalvinThe Trojan Family –– It’s No Joke !

Why USC? Why Viterbi?

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Hey guys, I’m sure as you are all starting to hear back from your college applications you’re starting to get to the hard part. What? You mean the countless hours of applications weren’t the hardest part of the process? Sad to say, but actually choosing where you want to go is really the thing that a lot of students have …

JordanWhy USC? Why Viterbi?

Freshman Engineering at Viterbi

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Hey guys, This week I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the cool engineering things that I have gotten involved with at USC, particularly in my first year! Starting as a freshman, I did a lot of hands on work specifically in my introduction courses like freshman academy. At the end of the semester, we created a …

JordanFreshman Engineering at Viterbi

LavaLab – Student Based Startups

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Hi guys, This time I wanted to talk a little bit about a new organization that I am a part of this semester. LavaLab is an on campus, student run entity that takes about forty students per semester, puts them into groups, and provides a very structured and useful framework for designing a product or startinga business. It helps connect …

JordanLavaLab – Student Based Startups

Travel Tips for Out-of-State Students

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Hey everyone, Happy Spring Break! This week I’m traveling home to Portland, Oregon in order to have my wisdom teeth removed. Instead of giving you the gory details on my oral surgery I decided instead to share some travel tips for out of state students! I’ve always loved traveling, but I hadn’t done a lot of traveling on my own …

JulianaTravel Tips for Out-of-State Students
A Big Swing from a Trojan Batter!

The 2015 Dodgertown Classic

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Last weekend, USC baseball took center stage in the 2015 Dodgertown Classic, a three game series at Dodgers’ Stadium between four of America’s top collegiate baseball teams. On Friday night, USC defeated #7 TCU in walk-off fashion, scoring the final run on a 12th-inning suicide-squeeze bunt. Saturday, the script sounded the same; USC defeated #1 Vanderbilt on a walk-off homerun …

AlexThe 2015 Dodgertown Classic
Studying the rate of reaction of phenolphthaleine

Applying Theory: Chemical Engineering 444aL

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Throughout my time as an undergraduate so far, all of our chemistry classes have had lab sections attached to them, but none of the main chemical engineering courses have had a lab section attached except for introduction to chemical engineering and my nanotechnology classes. We’ve learned a lot of theory so far, but have not had a chance to apply …

SarahApplying Theory: Chemical Engineering 444aL

Get Pumped No Homework

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One of the coolest parts about the transition from high school to college is that a lot of your classes do not have homework. Well let me explain a little more. When you get to college, each class is run a little differently and good amount of classes do not have homework due each day, each class or even every …

FrankieGet Pumped No Homework

Planning for Summer 2015

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One fun part about being an engineering student, especially within the discipline of computer science, is searching for cool projects to work on over summer. There are so many companies looking for engineering talent, and such a wide variety of interdisciplinary endeavors that computer science students have the opportunity to contribute to. I am currently looking into a couple of …

CalvinPlanning for Summer 2015

“What is ISE, anyway?”: Part 2

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Hey everyone! So this blog is the second in a two-blog series about my major – Industrial & Systems Engineering. Last week I talked about what ISE means in general and you can read that blog here. This week I’ll talk about where my ISE friends at USC work, both in internships and after graduation! “Where will I work?” So …

Juliana“What is ISE, anyway?”: Part 2
Here I am, asking a very important question to a very important person! Find out who next week!

#Throwback to OUBC 2014: Part 1

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Happy Monday! Since I mentioned last week that I’m working at PwC this summer, I thought I would explain a little bit about how I got into consulting. Well, it kinda started with Will, who was one of my mentors a few years ago. He was also a ChemE major, and now works in New York City for PwC! Anyway, …

Makana#Throwback to OUBC 2014: Part 1

What is Chemical Engineering?

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Blogged while procrastinating doing my mass transfer homework. Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! This week I wanted to take the chance to explain a little bit about what Chemical Engineering means to me, and how my view of chemical engineering has changed over the past four years. When I first started I thought chemical engineers make chemicals.  What chemical engineers actually do …

LyssaWhat is Chemical Engineering?