Reverse Engineering the Brain

EWeek What Interests Me: Reverse Engineering the Brain

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It’s finally EWeek! EWeek is the Engineering Week at USC, with activities planned throughout the week for engineers specifically. It’s a lot of fun and there’s a lot that goes on to highlight the cool things that people are doing or trying to do, with the week ending with the fan favorite Viterbi Ball (kind of like Viterbi does prom, …

EmilyEWeek What Interests Me: Reverse Engineering the Brain
Operation VAMFA proposes to explore Venus' atmosphere.

Operation VAMFA and National Engineers Week

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Welcome to the thick of E-Week 2015! I love National Engineers Week because the week is a celebration of engineering. This week, I’ve eaten at the E-Week barbecue and laughed at the E-Week talent show. And tomorrow night, I cannot wait for the Viterbi Ball! To me, E-Week is more than just fun, interesting activities. E-Week reminds me why I …

AlexOperation VAMFA and National Engineers Week

SCupper at El Cholo

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With graduation just around the corner and the start of my career approaching in just six months, I wanted to reach out to some USC alumni to ask for any advice they may have as I start the next portion of my life. The perfect solution for me to speak with alumni was a SCupper – a dinner networking event …

LaurenSCupper at El Cholo
Our finished circuit =)

My Favorite Engineering Project

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Hi everyone! Happy E-week! I’ve done a lot of cool engineering stuff in college so far, but one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done was building an electric guitar as part of my final project in a class I took last semester, EE202: Linear Circuits. All we were given was a cigar box, a long block of wood, strings, …

ArchanaMy Favorite Engineering Project
I love getting to hang out with all my engineering friends outside of class!

Viterbi Ball: The Best Part of EWeek!

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Hey everyone! Happy E Week! For those of you who don’t know, it’s national engineering week, a week where people all around the country celebrate engineering.  E Week is a pretty big festivity here at Viterbi, with events happening all week such as a kick-off carnival, quiz bowl, and a talent show. As great as all these things are though, …

SarahViterbi Ball: The Best Part of EWeek!

Perks of Being an Engineer

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Being an engineer has the negatives of having a good amount of work week to week, but the perks definitely out weigh the negatives. Included in sed perks are awesome lasers, playing with acids, FIRE and simply just working with cool machinery. This is only my perspective of the things I have done, but there are so many more cool …

FrankiePerks of Being an Engineer
Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders

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“It’s a serious business being a clown,” says Franchie the Clown. He wasn’t joking. He had spent months in Afghanistan attempting to bring smiles and hope to a part of the world affected by violence and strife through free performances as a professional clown, a mission encompassed by the larger humanitarian organization known as Clowns Without Borders. His first piece of advice? “Never stay …

PabloClowns Without Borders

Awesome Group Projects: Database for CSK Longevity

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Hey guys! I hope everything is going well. This week I want to write about one of the coolest group projects I’ve done so far! As an Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) major, I can attest to the fact that ISE classes do a lot of group projects. While I will be the first to admit that I did not …

JulianaAwesome Group Projects: Database for CSK Longevity

Teamwork in Engineering

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Blogged while listening to Smoke + Mirrors- Imagine Dragon’s new album! Hello everyone! Happy E-Week.  This week is all about celebrating engineering and all the cool things engineers do.  Here at USC we are celebrating with all sorts of activities, my favorite of which is Viterbi Ball at the end of the week! Check out Betty’s blog about it- she’s …

LyssaTeamwork in Engineering
USC to Pasadena

Being a “local” student

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Usually many students go far away from home when they go to college but that is definitely not my case. I am from Pasadena, California which is only 22.5 miles away from USC. Despite the proximity, it isn’t what you would consider to be necessarily “close” when it comes to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Traffic can make my little …

JosueBeing a “local” student
Dinner at ADPi!

Life in Pi Palace

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The Local Alpha Delta. Pi Palace. ADPi. Whatever people may call it, I am lucky to call it home for sophomore, junior, and senior year. Living in ADPi for the past two years has been such an amazing experience, so much so that I have decided to live there for all three years after having moved out of my freshman …

LaurenLife in Pi Palace
sushi burrito

Food Trucks in Los Angeles

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One of the many food phenomenons of the last few years that has been food trucks. They’re all over Food network and as a consequence they’re all over big cities, like LA. I’ve had the opportunity to try a few – some randomly when I’m out in the city (Amazebowls is one that hangs around campus a lot) and then there are food …

EmilyFood Trucks in Los Angeles

Weekend Adventure: SD

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With a three day weekend, comes the opportunity to take a quick get away.  Over President’s Day weekend, a group of friends and I traveled off to San Diego to relax, bond and take in the beach life. My first time traveling around San Diego, it’s a great city to go to for a short trip.  Just a few hours …

HannahWeekend Adventure: SD

College is More than Just an Education

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College is a mix of experiences that you really won’t understand until you really get into the mix. You will head off to college ready to get into your studies, but you have to realize that college is so much more than just trips to the library and equations. When you finally step onto campus, you will realize that college …

FrankieCollege is More than Just an Education
The alternating layers of concrete and reinforcement!

Concrete Canoe Pour Day!

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This past Friday was a really exciting time for the American Society of Civil Engineers because we poured our concrete canoe! Pour day is a lot of work because we spend a whole day measuring, mixing, and placing concrete. In order to prepare for pour day, we had to make sure our mold was all ready to go. The mold …

KellyConcrete Canoe Pour Day!
Engineering Week

Engineers Week at USC

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Engineers Week is a nation wide week aimed at celebrating engineers contributions to society. USC Viterbi school of Engineering takes part in this week by putting on its own engineers week for undergraduate engineering students. KIUEL which is one of the involvements I blogged about earlier is responsible for putting on events every day for engineers week. All events can …

BettyEngineers Week at USC
Downtown LA

Why I Love Living Near Downtown LA

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One of the first things that I saw when I moved into my freshman dorm at USC was the downtown LA skyline. It was beautiful, but mostly I was surprised by how close it is! Only a 5 minute drive or metro ride away, downtown is full of fun things to do. Here are just a few of my favorites! Events at …

MollyWhy I Love Living Near Downtown LA

My Professional Fraternity: Delta Omicron Zeta

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Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well. So this week I want to talk about one of my favorite organizations on campus – DOZ! Delta Omicron Zeta (DOZ) is USC’s premiere professional leadership fraternity. Basically, being a professional fraternity means that we can have both girls and guys (unlike traditional Panhellenic sororities and IFC fraternities), and that we’re part …

JulianaMy Professional Fraternity: Delta Omicron Zeta
wes anderson

A Break from Engineering- CTCS 469 Analysis of Film Style- Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson

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Blogged while eating Valentine’s Day chocolate! Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! This week I wanted to talk about an awesome class I’m taking outside of engineering- Analysis of Film Style! The class is all about comparing the work of two of the most identifiable directors in Hollywood- Tim Burton and Wes Anderson.  I decided to take this class because it would …

LyssaA Break from Engineering- CTCS 469 Analysis of Film Style- Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson

My New Job: Course Producer

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Hey everyone! This week I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my new job that I started this semester – being a Course Producer for CSCI 103: Introduction to Programming. One of the great things about the way CS courses are structured here is that many of them have very large instructional staff to give students the most …

EllenMy New Job: Course Producer