What is Industrial and Systems Engineering?

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One of the most common questions I get is, “What is Industrial and Systems Engineering?” This is completely valid because “industrial” is a pretty general word in itself and then if you google “industrial engineering” you get something along the lines of “optimizing systems” which is just as vague. I like to thinking of it as a degree in problem …

AllyWhat is Industrial and Systems Engineering?

Study Spot: SAL 101

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Everyone has a different way to “get in the groove” when it comes to studying and doing homework. For me, it really depends on what kind of work I’m doing. If I’m writing an 8 page paper, then I need to be in a quiet, public place where I can do research and restructure my thoughts without distraction. Oh, and …

CalvinStudy Spot: SAL 101
research lab lyssa

My Favorite Study Spot: Research Lab!

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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week and happy homecoming! This week we are talking about our favorite study spot, and while I have many favorite spots including my desk at Alpha Phi, Engineering Quad, and RTH Cafe, one of my new favorites has been in my research lab! Iced coffee in E-Quad is the perfect afternoon break! …

LyssaMy Favorite Study Spot: Research Lab!

Rise of the Entrepreneur

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Hi Guys, We all go to college with the looming expectation by our parents that we will graduate and find a job in industry that not only pays well, but is everything we hoped and dreamed.  Yet in this day and age with the growth of technology and the emphasis on innovation, not only are traditional companies becoming largely outdated, but …

MarkusRise of the Entrepreneur

School-Life Balance: Making Time for Yourself!

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I think something that a lot of freshmen (and probably a lot of upperclassmen) struggle with is time management.  I don’t mean time management just in terms of getting your assignments done on time, although that is certainly important.  I also mean that it’s really important to have a balance in your life between schoolwork and fun, whatever that may …

EllenSchool-Life Balance: Making Time for Yourself!

Concert in a Hanger!

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One of the best parts of living in LA are all the concerts–a lot of which are free! This past week I got to go to Vevo’s Certified SuperFanFest 2014 in Santa Monica. My best friend and I got to have an evening out to see Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea live at a really cool venue.  We headed toward Santa Monica …

HannahConcert in a Hanger!
Cool Haus

The Good Eats in LA

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As a self-proclaimed foodie, one of my absolute favorite things about LA is the food. There are a ridiculous (read: wonderful) number of restaurants in this city and every type of food you could imagine. Including some you can’t (Korean BBQ tacos? What will they come up with next?). With that here’s a roundup of my favorite restaurants and/or food …

EmilyThe Good Eats in LA
USC ASCE at the 3rd set of locks

My Trip to Panama!

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Hi everyone! I just back from my big trip to Panama this Sunday, and it hasn’t even really sunk in that I was just there. I had so much fun going to another country, and it was definitely a nice break from the consistent routine of school. So why I did I go to Panama? As I have mentioned in …

KellyMy Trip to Panama!

YouTube, EA, and Yelp Oh My!

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Hi everyone! Last week, I blogged about my experience interning with Centurylink Technology Solutions. On that same note of careers, I just got back to LA from a trek to San Francisco. A group of about 30 Viterbi students got to take part in a new event called Viterbi Trek. We all traveled to NorCal and got to visit different …

jacquieYouTube, EA, and Yelp Oh My!
Web Design

Making Connections through Work Study

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Last year, I was fortunate enough to love my work study job and my work study boss. I went into my freshman year knowing I needed to get a job, so I immediately went to the work study career fair the first week of school and applied for 4 jobs, got two interviews, and ultimately got 1 job offer! The …

BettyMaking Connections through Work Study
yum! Lobster truffel rolls

My Favorite Study Break: Watching Trojan Football

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Hi everyone! It’s midterm season, and with that, the stress levels around USC can get fairly high. It’s important during this time of the semester to remember to take breaks from the pile of books and just relax. That’s probably the best advice I could give you for when this time of year rolls around. With that being said, I …

SarahMy Favorite Study Break: Watching Trojan Football
USC Homecoming 2014

Fall, Football, and Family: Homecoming 2014!

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Being raised in the SEC, football has always been an important part of my life. It’s a time of the year where my family comes together once a week to eat wings and celebrate our teams’ victories. So when I came to USC, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect. But whatever my expectations were, they were completely blown away by the …

MollyFall, Football, and Family: Homecoming 2014!

First Meet USC

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Last week on Friday I had my first meeting with potential students. It was already a pretty hectic day since I had three midterms this week and a physics homework due in a couple hours. To make matters worse, I ended up doing the wrong HW set, but luckily my professor was nice enough to give me another chance. Side …

FrankieFirst Meet USC
Staying Organized

Time Management

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Time Management is a huge part of my life at USC. I cannot stress enough how much of an impact being “time conscious” has had on my productivity. Don’t get me wrong, I love spontaneity and unexpected plans, but I have discovered that it is extremely important for me to have a process for executing on plans that matter. There’s so much …

CalvinTime Management
sprinkles atm

My Favorite Study Break: Sprinkles!

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Hello everyone! This week as most of us are being swamped with midterms and projects, I thought I’d share my favorite break from studying- a trip to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills.  While this isn’t the closest Sprinkles to campus, it’s by far my favorite for a few reasons: there is also a Sprinkles Ice Cream here and a Sprinkles ATM. …

LyssaMy Favorite Study Break: Sprinkles!
SpaceX Dragon

My Future Plans: Internships vs. Academia

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Hey everybody! This week I’m going to talk a little bit about my plans for the time I have remaining at USC as well as after I graduate.  To be honest, my plans are a little vague, but that’s the great part about being in college! There are a lot of opportunities for students to try things out and see …

EllenMy Future Plans: Internships vs. Academia

Hello World: Class of 2015

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Hi Guys, As a senior, graduation peeks over the horizon, eager to thrust us into the world of professionalism and adulthood.  And that is so exciting!  I am ready to make my mark in the world.  Create value in a traditional market and give more back to society than I consume.  A number of things are on the table.  While …

MarkusHello World: Class of 2015