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What USC Means to Me & Plans After Graduation

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately this will be the last blog that I write. Boy has it been a crazy ride. Four years ago I was just a boy coming from Boston hoping to grow, mature, and of course have fun in Los Angeles, and I can really tell you that all of my expectations have been exceeded.

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Highlights of my Junior Year at USC

This semester has absolutely flown by, and I cannot believe that I am almost a senior!! It has been a crazy busy semester, but I feel like I have learned more in this year than in any other of my life. I could go on and on about every big thing that has happened, but I’ll limit this blog to a few of the highlights of the semester.

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My Semester at a Glance

Hi everyone! I cannot believe that the last week of classes for this semester are over. Final exams are all that stand between the summer and me. I cannot wait to spend some time with my family and finalize my summer internship plans in the next couple of weeks. I’ll tell you about some of my favorite memories from this semester and what summer has in store for me. Continue reading


Summer Plans! Israel & Internship

Hey Everyone,

I cannot believe that summer is right around the corner with only a few finals standing in my way.  Right when the semester comes to a close, I will have the opportunity to go abroad to the Middle East, and work a technical internship back in Los Angeles.  A fun and jam packed summer ahead of me, I am trying to find some time to relax too!


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My Summer Plans: Studying Abroad in South Africa!

This summer, I am very excited to have the opportunity to study abroad in South Africa!  The program I am working with is a Community Development and Social Justice program run on the University of Cape Town campus.  On the program, I will first take a class focused on poverty and development, using Cape Town as a case study.  We will talk about socio-economic issues impacting the communities there.  Then, for the second half of the program, we will participate in service-learning and community engagement.  We will gain an understanding of South African tradition and beliefs, and use our knowledge of these beliefs to work hands on with a community-based organization.

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Spring Semester and Summa Summa

                 So many positive experiences, adventures, and accomplishments over the past few months have made for such an exciting semester that I am really not ready to say goodbye to yet.   Whether it had to do with turning 20, living in an apartment for the first time, or simply making bigger decisions on my own, I think I’ve definitely grown up a lot and am more stoked then ever to embrace what’s in  store for the future!

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At the Viterbi Awards with John, who is the other co-founder of QuEST at USC!

Finally- A Summer in LA!

Happy end of the semester at USC! The time has really flown by this semester, but I am really stoked for this summer. For the first time, I’ll be spending my summer at USC, and I couldn’t be happier to spend some more time at this school I call home. When I was in Germany last semester, I really did miss USC and so I planned on spending the summer here in the nice SoCal sun. On-campus research is a great way to do this!

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What I am looking forward to this summer!

Oh, the Places I’ll Go (And the Places I’ve Been)

Today marks the start of the last week of classes. At the end of this week, I will be half way done with college, having completed two full years here at the University of Southern California. Looking back on these last two years, I am a little nostalgic and somewhat melancholy that I only have two more years to spend at this beautiful university. That being said, my nostalgia stems from all the amazing experiences I have had over the past two years, and this past semester was no different. Continue reading