My Favorite Class: CHE 444L- Chemical Engineering Lab

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Hey guys! This week we are talking about our favorite classes this semester, and mine has to be my chemical engineering lab class! This is a two part class so it is my second semester in it, but I love how hands on it is, and how much practical application I get out of the class.  I definitely feel my …

LyssaMy Favorite Class: CHE 444L- Chemical Engineering Lab

The Fun in Non-engineering Extracurriculars

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ASBME, SWE, Engineers Without Borders, SC Racing. These are all great organizations for engineers. And yet, I’m not currently involved in any of these. It isn’t because I don’t like being an engineer or because I don’t think that they’re worthwhile organizations. They absolutely are. But part of the fun in extracurricular activities is that they can be absolutely random and …

EmilyThe Fun in Non-engineering Extracurriculars
Inheritance Diagram for my Assignment

Class Spotlight: CSCI 201 – Principles of Software Development

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One of the classes that I can tell I will be devoting a lot of time to this semester is my computer programming class, CSCI 201 (Principles of Software Development).   The class is taught in Java, which is a nice change of pace from the last two programming classes I took at USC which were both taught in C/C++. …

EllenClass Spotlight: CSCI 201 – Principles of Software Development

Engineering Philanthropy

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Imagine making over 200 sandwiches in just 20 minutes!  This past week, my Freshman Academy Class had a seemingly simple task ahead of them.  They found out soon enough though that something that appears to be easy at first–is much more difficult on a mass production scale. The class was challenged with the assignment: optimize the process of making a PB&J sandwich.  Given …

HannahEngineering Philanthropy

Getting an A by Working Out: PHED Classes

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One of my favorite departments outside of Viterbi at USC is PHED, which is the Physical Education department. Growing up, I loved taking PE classes since I enjoy being active and playing sports. In 8th grade I even took a class called Advanced PE (I’m not even joking). When I first got to USC and heard that PE classes were …

KellyGetting an A by Working Out: PHED Classes

My New Class: ISE 370

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Hi everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying your day so far. I have had a great couple of weeks getting back into my routine at USC. I cannot believe it is already half way through September! Time really flies when you are busy and having fun. Today, I wanted to focus on telling you a little bit about …

jacquieMy New Class: ISE 370
NCAA Football: Southern California at Stanford

So Far So Busy: Student Orgs, Classes, and Football

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What a weekend! I know you’ve all probably heard a lot about the Weekender by now since it was nearly a week ago, but I have to mention it.  It was such a great game! Clearly, emotions were running high and Stanford certainly didn’t make it easy on us, but we won and that’s all a Trojan fan can ask …

EllenSo Far So Busy: Student Orgs, Classes, and Football

Junior Year, Already?

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Hey everyone! After a great summer with #ViterbiAbroad in Rome, I am happy to be back home at USC for a great junior year! This semester I’m excited because my classes are a lot more engineering focused and it seems like it’s going to be a little easier than some of my past semesters. I also have four-day weekends, it’s …

LaurenJunior Year, Already?
IMG_5619-1200x900 (640x480)

Football, Food, Friends

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One of the best parts of the weekender, is going up to NorCal and still running into hundreds of other Trojans.  Each year, USC plays an away game against either Stanford or Berkeley and hundreds of fans make the trip up to show our support.  This year we headed to Stanford and came back winners for the second year in …

HannahFootball, Food, Friends

My Fall Semester in a Nutshell

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Hey Guys! I hope those of you who got a chance to caravan up California for the weekender had a fantastic time!  I have gone twice, and never regretted it.  If you get the opportunity, buy tickets and make the trip!  It is unreal to see how USC comes and conquers Berkeley, San Francisco, and the Bay Area during this …

MarkusMy Fall Semester in a Nutshell

A “Grand” Weekend!

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Hey Y’all! First off, that game with Stanford this weekend! All I have to say about that is “Timber” and “Fight On”. I’m so proud of our team and how well they have been doing these past two games! Hopefully this momentum they’re building will carry them through the rest of the season. This weekend I got to mark something …

SarahA “Grand” Weekend!
Running into sorority sisters outside of Stanford's Stadium!

The Weekender 2014!

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I can’t believe I waited until my junior year to attend my first weekender! The weekender is traditionally USC’s away game against either UC Berkeley or Stanford, when everyone drives up for the weekend to watch our football team win. This year we beat Stanford, and it was one of my favorite memories so far at USC! Me and four …

MollyThe Weekender 2014!

My Weekender in San Francisco!

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This weekend, I got to make the trip up to San Francisco for the “Weekender”.  The “Weekender” is when USC students all make the trip up to Northern California for the football game, either against Cal or Stanford.  It’s an incredible experience because USC basically takes over the entire city for the weekend – you can’t go anywhere without running …

SamanthaMy Weekender in San Francisco!

A Polymathic Approach

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“The individual [may achieve] something truly perfect in the field of science only in case he is a strict specialist,” said Max Weber in his essay from 1922 titled Science As A Vocation. “A really definitive and good accomplishment,” he continued, “is today always a specialized accomplishment.” This is no longer the case. Innovation, revolutionary thought and impactful progress now …

PabloA Polymathic Approach

Bring It On Fall Semester

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Oh, fall semester. The semester of football, football, and football. Oh, and football. All right, so there’s a lot more to the start of the school year than just football, but given the history and culture of USC football, it’s worth mentioning (at least once). This fall is the start of my sophomore year and it’s going to be busy …

EmilyBring It On Fall Semester
At the Stanford stadium right after we scored a 53-yard field goal putting us ahead.

Fall Classes and THE WEEKENDER

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This semester I am taking five classes: Computer Science, Probability, Enterprise Systems, Physics, and Art History. I was a little nervous about taking four technical classes but so far it seems manageable! My favorite class so far is ITP-320 or Enterprise Information Systems. It’s an intro class to SAP taught by Professor Kale and I like it because it teaches really …

AllyFall Classes and THE WEEKENDER