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My freshman year I did what many do and applied for every opportunity I saw on a flyer or facebook and I went to every club meeting that somewhat interested me. One of the few organizations I actually continued with my sophomore year is KIUEL, The Klein Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life!

I started my involvement in KIUEL by joining the Engineers Week Planning Committee.  KIUEL hosts the annual Engineers week by planning daily events and getting various student organizations involved. The entire committee is divided into sub committees by day, Kick Off Carnival, Quiz Bow, Talent Show, Intramurals, Viterbi Ball!  I was part of the Intramurals sub committee and helped plan the Viterbi Minute to Win It Games!  The week builds up to one of the most looked forward to days of USC Engineers, Viterbi Ball!

My roommate and I unexpectedly matching at Viterbi Ball!

My roommate and I unexpectedly matching at Viterbi Ball!

After E-Week had concluded, I wanted to get more involved with KIUEL so, I applied to join the KIUEL Programming Committee, KPC, and this year I now serve as the KPC Marketing Officer! Pretty much I now have an excuse to take pictures of people, tweet, be on facebook, and play with photoshop even more! This year has already been busy with the VPC Retreat which I blogged about earlier, last night we had our first VPC meeting with the entire Viterbi Presidents Council where we bonded over free Papa Johns pizza as we learned more about corporate sponsorships, and this Thursday we are holding the Viterbi Go Global fair where engineers can learn how to go abroad!


These next weeks we are conducting interviews and reading applications for this years E-Week committee! It has finally come full circle and I hope other students will fall in love with KIUEL as much as I have!





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