The Suite Life of Freshman Year

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USC housing is extremely unique because of each of the personalities each living area has. As you read our blogs on freshman housing this week you can start to sense how each on campus housing option changes not just from room style but to personality and spirit! My freshman year, I got placed at the newest dorm on campus, Parkside Arts and Humanities! It was a great experience because 1. I got to have a suite of 8 unique girls and 2. We didn’t have hall bathrooms! Suite style within the Parkside area consists of each suite having 4 rooms with 2 people per room, a common area and 2 bathrooms! Since Parkside A&H was the most recently built, the rooms are new and fresh looking and all of the facilities inĀ Parkside are all new!

Throughout the year the residential advisors and the building government, a governing and planning body for each building to plan events and programs, held incredible events with tons of free food and activities. At one, I even learned how to make sushi!

Team photo of the Parkside Building Government

Team photo of the Parkside Building Government

Our Suite won the RA door decorating contest!

Our Suite won the RA door decorating contest!

A lot of people are turned off by how far Parkside is to where most people live on campus, and I honestly thought so too when I got placed there; however, Parkside has some really great benefits that many look over.

1. It is on the south side of campus just right across the street from most of my engineering classes so I could just wake up 10 minutes before class and not have to worry about being late!

2. We are right by the best dining hall! The Parkside Dining hall is known for its international foods and sometimes just the best food overall. The staff is incredibly friendly, there is so much seating, and there are the most options!

3. I talked about this in detail in an earlier blog, but since Parkside promotes the Arts and Humanities, there are the amazing Parkside Masters Dinners, where one night a week the faculty masters will bring in their esteemed colleagues to speak to us on what they did in college and post college to achieve their success. The dinner is so much tastier than the already great Parkside dining hall and ends with desert in the faculty master apartments!

At first, I was scared to live in Parkside and away from a lot of the main parts of campus, but throughout the year I grew to love it and am so glad I ended up living there from the friends I made on my floor and the incredible masters dinners!





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