Springing into Spring Semester

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It’s just the second week of spring semester and all of the school work and activities are in full swing! I got to enjoy a relaxing 3 week bring with some amazing friends and family. I went and saw Wicked at the Pantages theater in LA, went to the  beach, did a bunch of hikes, and spent New years Eve in DTLA! But by the end of break, I was ready to come back to USC and get back into a routine.

New Years Eve in Downtown LA!

New Years Eve in Downtown LA!

This semester I am taking all engineering classes and 2 of which are specific just to aerospace! I am so excited to take AME 261, Basic Flight Mechanics with the close nit group of the 17 sophomores studying aerospace engineering.

In addition, Engineers Week is almost a month away! Planning is going to be in full swing these upcoming weeks and I can’t wait till the end of February to see all of our hard work come to life! In addition, KIUEL just had their fall/ winter clothing drive and we just took all of the clothes to the LA Mission! We donated 125lbs of clothes!

The campus wide involvement fair was last week and I am looking forward to trying out some new clubs and organizations on campus. I am currently rushing the USC Helenes, an all womans service organization on campus, and I am thinking about joining 3D4E!

I know its going to be a great semester and I can’t wait for all of it that it has to offer!

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