Semtech Engineering + Key Club = My future?

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This summer I was fortunate enough to be able to go back home and resume my internship at Semtech and be chosen to go back to my favorite high school organization Key Club and intern at their international convention! It was crazy working full time at Semtech with numerous projects going on, and then taking a break to fly to Indianapolis to work with the Key Club Staff!

Since I had already interned at Semtech last year I was able to gain more responsibilities this year. Semtech is a semiconductor company and I worked in the “Protection” department where they designed and created diodes to ground charge that could potential damage a circuits in cell phones, TVs, and other personal electronics (I look apart a PS3 and it was a pretty painful experience because we killed the circuit while testing). Within that department I worked with the applications engineers, meaning that we would interact directly with customers completing various tests and analyses.  I had a set of projects that included numerous competitor analyses and internal presentations. My biggest project was for LG where I made presentations, charts, and reports to show how our products excelled above our competitors.

Only a month into my Semtech Internship I left to do my two week internship with Key Club International.


A picture in front of the Kiwanis International Office with the Convention Interns!

A picture in front of the Kiwanis International Office with the Convention Interns!

Throughout high school I became incredibly involved in Key Club. Key Club is the largest student led service organization in the world. I served as club president, a district board member and then my senior year I served on the international board. I was so nice to be able to spend a couple weeks back with my old organization and the amazing staff that works it! My official intern title was called “Session Intern” so therefore I was in charge of all of the general session for the 2000 attendees at international convention, created 3 Key Club TV show that played every night  in all hotel rooms at night and then helped all other interns with various tasks. It was probably the two most hectic, stressful and sleepless two weeks of my life, but I made amazing friends, built connections, and realized I loved working for non-profits.


Coming back to my home town to work at Semtech was a huge change. I went from sprinting across a hotel convention center and eating Chinese food at midnight, to sitting in my cubicle and watering my succulents and having a regular meal schedule. I realized through these two jobs that I want to be able to work with directly with people in my future career. I don’t want to just sit in a cubicle all day, but I want to travel, talk to new people and continually learn new ideas. (Many of my bosses said that traveling is a must in the semiconductor company, but unfortunately I have no interest in semi conductors). These two internships were a great way of showing me what I wanted in a job and what I potentially wanted to do in the future.

Overall I had am AMAZING but vey busy summer, but I wouldn’t have given it up for anything!




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