Making Connections through Work Study

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Last year, I was fortunate enough to love my work study job and my work study boss. I went into my freshman year knowing I needed to get a job, so I immediately went to the work study career fair the first week of school and applied for 4 jobs, got two interviews, and ultimately got 1 job offer! The second week of school I started working at the Marshall School of Business web design department. I was in charge of making updates to current pages on the website, photoshopping pictures, and assisting with all other tasks needed by the department. For the most part, my job was very relaxed,. I didn’t have to wear business clothes, and if there was no work to do, I could just sit and do homework. ¬†Throughout the year, I got to know my bosses better and eventually started babysitting for one of my bosses kids on the weekends.

I realized after I had gotten to school, I didn’t get to ever see kids or animals or anyone that wasn’t a faculty or student. It was nice to take a break from campus life and go back to doing something I was extremely familiar with, babysitting! Through babysitting, I got to know my boss on a more personal level, and I learned how extremely fascinating of a person he was. While he was in the somewhat mundane life of web design, he had started his career path by getting a masters in Film Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts! He had produced one of my favorite shows, the Biggest Loser, and was a writer on criminal minds for a while! If I hadn’t had gotten the opportunity to know my boss on a more personal level, I would have just gone the year thinking his passion was in web design!

When I started going to school at USC, I never would have imagined that I would be getting to know any faculty on a personal level; however, through my work study job this preconception of USC was shattered. Though my work study job, I got a second weekend job of babysitting, and a helpful connection with my boss to write me letters of recommendation when ever I need them!

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