Engineers Week Planning has Begun!

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To continue with this week’s blog theme of our favorite Orgs, I wanted to further elaborate on my favorite Org that I already blogged about, KIUEL! To re-cap, KIUEL, the Klein Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life , serves as the umbrella organization over all Viterbi Student Orgs while also holding events to bring the Viterbi Community Together. Our biggest event of the year is Eningeers Week in February. Each programming committee member serves as a Engineers Week head for each day, and my day this year is the Talent Show! All of the days of engineering week are, the Kick Off Carnival, Quiz Bowl, Talent Show, Intramurals, and the Viterbi Ball! the week brings together the entire Viterbi community through planning, getting professors involved and celebrating being an Engineer at USC.

I had my first planning meeting last Wednesday where I got to have my entire committee together to start planning and I couldn’t be luckier to have such an amazing subcommittee. In addition to planning a very important event of E-Week, the subcommittee acts as a way to bond with fellow engineers and mentor freshman that are just starting to get involved within Viterbi. I remember being the Freshman being mentored last year, and I can’t wait to be able to help out the new freshmen this year.

Engineers Week is just one of the ways KIUEL brings together the Viterbi Community, but it is definitely my favorite week of the year. I can’t wait till February and to get to work with my amazing subcommittee! Shout out to fellow VSA Ally for being an awesome subcommittee member!

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