Engineers Week 2016

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The most wonderful week of the year has already come and gone and I’m already counting down the days to the next Engineers Week. Engineers Week is a nation wide week dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments on Engineers. The Klein Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life takes part in it by planning a week of events to celebrate undergraduate engineering students at USC, and inspire the next generation of engineers. As Chair of KIUEL, I get to oversee all event planning and help our student organizations get involved too but helping them get funding, publicizing events and more. There were over 15 events in just one week! Here are some of the highlights:

Kick Off Carnival: The best way to kick off the week is a carnival with free food (In-n-Out Burgers), booths, and fun! My favorites this year was the Northrop Grumman flight simulator booth, the puppy play pen, and the Corpus Callosum Succulent making!

Talent Show: This is such a fun way to get over “hump day” of the week. This event showcases the talented engineers of Viterbi in a free talent show for students at Ground Zero where we handed out free milkshakes!

The winner of the Talent Show!

The winner of the Talent Show!

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day: I got to help plan this event with Women In Engineering to bring 50 middle school students to campus to do a coding workshop, science experiments, and mentor them for the day. We had over 50 volunteers help us out and mentor the girls!

Bubble Soccer: this was the first annual bubble soccer event we’ve had and it was the most successful Intramural day E-Week has ever had, we’re going to make it an annual event! Shout out to Alex, Eric, Jordan, and Kelly for making a team!

Bubble Soccer Team

Bubble Soccer Team

Can’t wait for E-Week 2017!




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