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Hi! I’m Bethany, I’m a senior studying Biomedical Engineering and am from Fresno, California (or what I like to call, FresYes, CA!). On campus, one of my favorite involvements is Corpus Callosum, a design team where we make cool art projects that incorporate engineering.  After class, I like to get some studying in while working as a library assistant at USC’s Business Library. I also work in a research lab where I am currently working on a project analyzing hypoxia in tumor microenvironments. Last semester I worked full time as an engineering co-op for St. Jude Medical working with pacemakers, leads, and other cardiac devices. This summer I am working at Abbott Laboratories in their hematology division! Keep scrolling to check out what my #ViterbiLife is like!

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As a member of Dr. Shen’s Laboratory for Integrative Biosystems Engineering, I currently work on micro-engineered tumor models.
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Coming from a musical background, I wanted to get involved in a few ensembles here at USC. I sing first soprano in USC’s Oriana Women’s ensemble and play the viola in a string ensemble.
Last semester I worked full time as a manufacturing engineering co-op for St. Jude Medical working with pacemakers, ICDs, and leads!

My Major at USC: Biomedical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
This was one of my favorite classes by far that I have taken at USC. We learned Solidworks, a 3D design software. My final project was designing an awesome coffee mug!
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Try to be genuine and don't overthink it. Just answer the questions honestly and make it something personal!

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  • I am a little obsessed with the British monarchy, okay I am A LOT obsessed with the British monarchy. The Royals is basically Will and Kate meets Pretty Little Liars and is amazing 10/10 would recommend.

  • Riverdale is a new show on the CW and is a little teeny but I love it! It is based off of the old school Archie Comics and is a murder mystery.