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Hey Everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about all the things I love about LA. My last post focused on Downtown, but today I’m going to branch out a little bit!

Coming from a relatively small city, it was a pretty big change moving to Los Angeles but so far I have loved exploring and finding great spots around LA!


Being surrounded by some of the best shopping around, it is super fun going out with friends and browsing the stores (even if it is just window shopping). Some of my favorite spots are The Grove, The Beverly Center, Third Street Promenade, and Fig at 7th. All of these spots have awesome stores, and are easily accessibly by a quick uber or metro!

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Hang Out Spots

LA Live!

LA Live!

Sometimes it is nice to get out and hang out with friends outside of campus. One of my favorite places to go is LA Live. You can catch a movie, visit the grammy museum, go to a sports game, or even go ice skating during the winter. It is also super close to campus (about two metro stops).

Artists & Fleas!

Artists & Fleas!

There are a ton of local artists around LA, and being so close the the Art District in Downtown, it is super fun checking out different showcases and markets. My favorite is Artists and Fleas, an event every month in downtown that showcases different fashion, design, and art from local artists and vendors.


LA Flower Market

LA Flower Market



One of my favorite discoveries this year is the Los Angeles Flower Market. It is about half an hour from campus, and a nice escape on the weekends. They sell any type of flower you can imagine, and has been around since 1912 and is known as LA’s first flower market.


Getting Outdoors 

Just because LA is a busy city, doesn’t mean the nature/outdoor spots are lacking. I love going to the beach on the weekends, and the SoCal beaches are almost always sunny. Santa Monica, Malibu, and Redondo Beach are some of my favorite spots along the PCH where surfing and breakfast burritos are plentiful! I also love going hiking and there are a ton of cool hikes around LA like the Santa Monica Mountains, the San Gabriel Mountains, or even the Hollywood Sign!

Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach Pier!

LA is such a beautiful city, and living at SC allows for exploration and discovery of super awesome spots!




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