Best Hidden Spots on Campus

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USC has a big campus, so it is easy to overlook certain areas if you’re just walking to class or passing by. We all know that VKC is awesome looking, and that Doheny Library is basically Hogwarts, but some of my favorite areas on campus are not as obvious or noticeable. Here are my top three hidden spots on campus:

Ground Zero Performance Café

Ground Zero is an awesome milkshake and coffee shop right behind Marks Tower (a south area freshman dorm). My favorite thing about Ground Zero, besides the milkshakes, is the laid back vibe that it provides. It is a neat place to study or just hang out with friends, and a lot of the times you can catch cool live music from events like open mic night!

Ground Zero!

Ground Zero!

Annenberg Garden

Right behind Wallis Annenberg Hall is a courtyard area surrounded by trees filled with purple flowers and humming birds. I know that sounds cheesy, but there really are tons of humming birds, the most I have ever seen in one place. It is a really nice place to study, or a great place to hang out outside.

The Little Chapel of Silence

The Little Chapel of Silence is a cute little chapel located outside of Town and Gown. Regardless of your religious affiliation, the Little Chapel of Silence, and Town and Gown as a whole, is such a pretty building and a nice place to clear your head.

Our campus is so beautiful, so going on a little adventure and exploring new spots is an absolute must for any incoming student!

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