Audrey Roberts

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2021

Denver, Colorado

Hey, I’m Audrey! I grew up in Denver, Colorado, where I attended an arts school for high school, but now I am studying Mechanical Engineering here at SC with a minor in Future Cinema. On campus, I am involved in research at the M.C. Gill Composites Center, where I am working on the testing of fiber sensors in carbon overwrapped pressure vessels. I also am a member of the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, which is the first student-run group to send a rocket to space, and a social sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. After freshman year, I studied abroad in Florence through the Viterbi Summer Overseas Program, and this past summer I interned at Microsoft. In my free time, I like to go to the beach, museums, or basically do anything fun to explore LA!

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"I do things like get in a taxi and say 'The library, and step on it.'"

David Foster Wallace

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More About Me

My Favorite LA Spots

2 Truths, 1 Lie

True! I never use my computer to take notes.

My Involvements

  • I am part of the social sorority Gamma Phi Beta. Through Greek life, I have connected with the USC community outside of engineering and made lifelong friends. Currently, I serve as my sorority’s Assistant Academic Chairwoman.

  • I have done undergraduate research throughout my time at USC. My first two years of school, I worked in the Interaction Lab, and now I work in the MC Gill Composites center. Currently, I am working on testing optic sensors in composite overwrapped pressure vessels.

  • I am a member of USCRPL, where I am an engineer on the Avionics Structures team. Our team makes the mechanical components that keep our electronics safe during flight.

  • I am a member of USC’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. This is a great organization that helps me get to know other female engineering students and network with women in engineering.

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 My Favorite Things About USC 

  • USC Football brings the Trojan community together (almost) each weekend in the fall. Win or lose, football games showcase the how much school spirit this school has, which is one of my favorite parts of USC.

  • One of my favorite things about USC is it’s location. I love LA–there is so much to do from the beach, to great museums, to amazing. I definitely try to take advantage of this during my time as a student here!

  • My favorite part about USC is probably the students in Viterbi. In my major, Mechanical Engineering, I have made some of my closest friends. Viterbi’s environment is collaborative and supportive, which is reflected in the students.

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My Major: Mechanical Engineering

     Why Mechanical?

I picked mechanical engineering because its breadth makes it applicable in a variety of fields that I am interested in such as robotics and aerospace!

Passion in my Field


  • Microsoft Surface Laptop–one of the products I got to learn about during my internship!

  • Mechanical engineers can help design theme parks! USC even has a themed entertainment minor in SCA that pairs well with engineering.

  • Mechanical engineers can go into almost any field–including aerospace.

Passion in the Classroom 

My Favorite Courses

This is the hardest class I have taken at USC, but also my favorite. Taught by a USC legend, Professor Gene Bickers, PHYS 162 is the second course in the honors physics track, which covers electrostatics, magnetism, the derivation of Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetic waves and more. The material is, at times, incredibly challenging to understand, but Professor Bickers does a great job teaching the course and reminds students of the beauty of physics.