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Mechanical Engineering, ’21
Denver, CO

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Hey, I’m Audrey! I grew up in Denver, Colorado, where I attended an arts school for high school, but now I am studying Mechanical Engineering here at SC with a minor in Future Cinema. On campus, I am involved in research at the Interaction Lab, where we are working on human robot interaction and socially assistive robotics. I also am a member of the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, which is a student-run group with the aim of becoming the first amateur organization to send a rocket to space, and a social sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. This past summer, I studied abroad in Florence through the Viterbi Summer Overseas Program and traveled around Europe afterwards. In my free time, I like to go to the beach, museums, or basically do anything fun to explore LA!
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Interaction Lab

I am an undergraduate researcher in the Interaction Lab, which is part of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center at USC. The lab is working to enable socially assistive human robot interaction. Last semester, I helped write protocols for an upcoming study, and this semester I am working on the design and prototyping of telepresence systems.
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Gamma Phi Beta

I am a member of the social sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. I have met so many of my friends through this organization. We go to football games, eat, study, and basically spend all of our free time together!
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Rocket Propulsion Lab

RPL is a bunch of students coming together who love space and want to send a rocket there. We design and fabricate our entire rocket, including the hardware and the spaceflight software. This semester, we successfully static fired our motor, Graveler II, which will provide over 4800 lbs of thrust to send our rocket, Traveler III, to space!
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My Major: Mechanical Engineering

How did I pick my major?

I picked mechanical engineering because its breadth makes it applicable in a variety of fields that I am interested in such as robotics and aerospace!

My Favorite Classes

I gained so many practical skills from AME101, which is the introductory course to mechanical engineering. I learned how to use SolidWorks, a CAD software, that I have since used in my research at both RPL and the Interaction Lab. The course also provided an introduction to many topics in mechanical engineering that I have utilized in my other courses.

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My #ViterbiLife

This is my #ViterbiLife

Favorite LA Spots

Coming from a land-locked state, I try to get to the beach as often as possible. Manhattan Beach is my go to because it’s close[ish] to campus, very pretty, and has tons of cute shops nearby.

My Netflix Obsessions

  • Scandal is about a Washington crisis manager, Olivia Pope, who basically runs DC, the US, and arguably the world. The series was created by Shonda Rhimes (a USC alum!) and stars Kerry Washington. I love Scandal because it is suspenseful, dramatic, and most of all because it empowers women to pursue careers that pop culture has typically only portrayed men holding.

  • Stranger Things is a thriller chronicling the supernatural events of a small town in Indiana. The show focuses on a group of kids who are fiercely curious about science and technology, as I am sure many of us were growing up!

Favorite USC Tradition

Troy Week!! This week, which leads up to the USC-UCLA rival game, is full of fun events like spirit rallies, the Bruin Bonfire, fireworks, and even a concert called Conquest, which was headlined by Lil Pump last year. Beyond all the cool activities, Troy week magnifies the pride on campus and brings together the Trojan Family.

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