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I’m extremely happy to be home! First semester went soooo quickly and was a lot of fun, but I am completely ready for a break. When I got home my mom had a bunch of food made for me…this included veggie lasagna mmmmmmm, potato soup, and cookies. I’m never going to want to go back to school. haha It’s also nice to sleep in my bed at home even though not having a roommate can be a little weird at times! So far all I do is sleep, eat, workout, hangout, repeat. It is super relaxing. I hope everyone is having a relaxing and fun break, and that wherever you are it is not this cold!!!

Watching: Nothing…the tv in my room is broken…aka I’m super lazy…plus that’s what hulu is for

Listening to: ehhhh

Reading: the girl with the dragon tattoo…trying to get into it has been a little hard!

☮♥ =) arianna

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