Women Engineers: The Real Story

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When I came to USC, it didn’t really cross my mind that women are generally underrepresented in engineering. When I started classes at USC, it still didn’t cross my mind. Halfway through the semester, I still didn’t realize it. This is because, honestly, I’ve never felt discriminated at all for being a female in this field.

I went to an all-girls high school, which has definitely made me conscious of the representation of women in general, but I’ve never seen that as an issue here at USC. In all of my classes, there have been plenty of girls and guys. In all of my organizations that I’m involved in, engineering or not, there have been equal numbers of both genders, if not more girls!

SWE Meeting

SWE Meeting!


Also, there are plenty of opportunities for girls to find great support systems at USC. One of the organizations I am a part of is the Society of Women Engineers, which my fellow Viterbi women are very involved in. This club seeks to support women who are pursuing degrees in engineering. They provide social activities and networking events specifically for women. I’ve had a great time meeting other wonderful, empowered girls and learning from them!

Another organization is WiSE, or Women in Science and Engineering. This encompasses students and faculty members who are women in these subjects who are pursuing success and higher education. There are opportunities to get scholarships and stipends for research and listen to lectures from successful members of WiSE.

Me and my computer science friend at Viterbi Ball!

Me and my computer science friend at Viterbi Ball!

I love being a female engineer here at Viterbi; not only do we get the same respect as everyone else; we also have great opportunities and thrive!

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