Third Time’s A Charm!

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Hi everyone!!

I hope you all enjoyed your first week of classes! I’m really excited for what this semester is going to bring; it’ll definitely be a busy one.

I’m taking Organic Chemistry (CHEM 322A), Linear Circuits (EE 202), Statistical Methods in Biomedical Engineering (BME 423), and The Chemistry of Aids (CHEM 203). It’s a pretty science and engineering heavy schedule, but I’m up for the challenge!

I’m also researching in a tissue engineering lab under Dr. Megan McCain. I joined the lab at the start of the summer and am continuing research during the year for credit as my fifth class for the semester. My project is to optimize proliferation and differentiation of skeletal muscle, using Dr. McCain’s “organs on chips” method.

Hardcore Labbing

Hardcore Labbing

Lastly, this semester I am joining the executive board of Southern California Indo Americans as the human resources representative. Our goal as a club is to bring Indo American students together and throw fun, cultural events for everyone. My specific duty is to ensure that our member population and E-board members are happy and content with how the club is running; a challenging task that I hope to conquer!

SCIA at Gameday!

SCIA at Gameday!

I look forward to the excitement of this semester and hope you are too!

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