My Advice to Freshmen

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Okay, is anyone nervous about starting college? Don’t even worry. I was, too. Here are a few things I wish I knew when I came to college.

1. Get involved. Some of my closest friends and the coolest people I’ve met were found due to the organizations I got involved in. I joined a few clubs that appealed to my interest, and they were great. But it’s also beneficial to step out of your comfort zone and do something you never imagined yourself doing.

Freshman year friends, reunited Junior year!

Freshman year friends, reunited Junior year!

2. Don’t forget about schoolwork. Getting involved is fun, but it’s easy to just forget about school and get wrapped up. Time management is vital in order to effectively balance your time in college.

3. Use your resources! Engineering is hard—don’t let that stop you. Viterbi offers a ton of resources like VARC tutoring, ample study spaces, supplemental instruction, etc. The career center gives the opportunity to get your resume checked, find internships, and more.

Good luck! You’ll do great.

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