My group at Culture Show!

Culturing It Up On Campus!

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Last week, I participated in the annual Culture Show put on by the Southern California Indian Association, which showcases Southeast Asian culture through singing and dancing. At first, I was hesitant to join; I didn’t really know that many people in the club, I am not by any means the greatest dancer, and I was nervous out of my mind. But my friend from my floor coerced me into joining for his sake so he wouldn’t be alone, and I reluctantly agreed to give it at least a shot. I’m going to be really honest with you—it was one of the highlights of my freshman year.


Different groups of students had spent months learning dances choreographed by fellow students. For example, my friend Milly, a current senior, choreographed a dance in a spectacular, upbeat North Indian style called Bhangra, which I was lucky enough to learn from her. Some other dances included a film dance, a few classical dances, and traditional dances, each reflecting a different aspect of Indian culture and displaying the talent and persistence of dozens of USC students.


The whole program went amazingly. We had a huge turnout of students who came to experience the culture of a group of students often forgotten on campus. Not only that, but the participants, including myself, had an amazing time meeting new people. Some of them have even become my closest friends! It really showed me how anyone can find something they’re interested in, anyone can find their niche.



My group at Culture Show!

My group at Culture Show!

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