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Hi everyone!

Out of all the classes I’m taking this semester, I’d have to say that my favorite one is my GE Category 4 class, called AIDS Drug Discovery and Development. GE 4’s are about the applications of science and technology. Viterbi students have the option to opt out of this category of GE and take another category instead; however, I was intrigued by this class and decided to find out what it was about. I got lucky! I really started to enjoy the class.

A pro-drug that is activated by metabolism!

A pro-drug that is activated by metabolism!

In the class, we learn the basics of organic chemistry and molecular biology (which I am either taking concurrently or have previously taken) and apply some new pharmaceutical knowledge in order to learn about how HIV/AIDS affects the body and different methods that have been developed to treat the disease.

The person who teaches it is a hilarious, sassy Chemistry professor, Dr. Matthew R. Pratt, who does research in the molecular consequences of biochemical pathways. His interactive and engaging way of teaching makes the class interesting and let’s me actually use some of the knowledge I’ve picked up from other classes to my advantage.




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