Biomedical Engineering Class of 2016
San Jose, CA
I’ve been able to visit the local high school near USC through Best Buddies and hang out with the students there. Some love to draw or do athletics, and students are really incredible and their eagerness to participate in the fun activities with us USC students is really inspirational!
Without a doubt, SWE (Society of Women in Engineering) is one of my favorite organizations on campus. I’ve become an ambassador for SWE to help spread the word and get more girls involved. It’s a great organization to network and have fun with other female engineers!
SCIA is a club at USC that celebrates South Asian culture through social and cultural events. I’ve really enjoyed being immersed in my culture and meeting others who feel the same way!

Hey! I’m Archana and I’m a junior studying biomedical engineering. I’m originally from San Jose, CA and as much as I miss the Bay Area, however, I love everything about Los Angeles and found the transition to be much easier than I thought it would be! Some of the things I’ve gotten involved in include the Society of Women Engineers, the Southern California Indo Americans, and Best Buddies! I’ve also had the opportunity to do a lot of undergraduate research; last summer I was at the Davis Nephrology Lab and this summer I stayed at USC doing research about “organs on chips”! Fight on!

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ArchanaArchana, Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2016

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