Wong Fu Productions is Coming to USC!

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Last year my roommate introduced me to Wong Fu short films. Wong Fu Productions is an independent production company that’s run by three guys in their 20’s. They started Wong Fu while in college at UCSD. Wong Fu produces short films, video blogs, collaborates with artists to make music videos, and more.

Wong Fu also does nationwide tours to different universities. Last week I found out that they’re coming to USC on Nov. 9th! I’m super excited! That is one thing I really love about going to USC: all of the opportunities to meet, see, or listen to famous people who come here. I’ve gotten to see OkGo, Common, T-Pain, Hellogoodbye, and too many more to list. Oh and I can’t forget Obama!

Want to hear more about life at USC? Be sure to check out our live chat tomorrow night 7-8pm (PST)!

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