Today’s AIChE Meeting

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Tonight was the 2nd general AIChE meeting. The AIChE-USC president first talked about all the plans AIChE has for this year and ways for members to get involved. One of the things we are working on is an outreach program. I have started working on finding experiments that we can do to give students a taste of chemical engineering. We want to be able to go to show elementary and high school aged students what it’s like to be a chemical engineer. Some of the experiments we’ve looked at include, a backyard distillation column, ice cream made using liquid nitrogen, experiments with quantum dots, etc. The outreach program is still in the beginning planning stages but I’m super excited to see what we come up with. After the president spoke, a representative from the Navy gave a presentation (and he also brought us free pizza 🙂 ). He talked to us about opportunities for nuclear engineering in the Navy. It was pretty cool to hear about everything the Navy offers. I also found out that females are now allowed to be submarine officers, sweet.

If you have any ideas for cool experiments we could do with students let me know!


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