Spring Semester: At A Glance

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Its my final semester!!!!!! I can’t believe college has flown by so fast! I don’t feel like its been 4 years. Unfortunately this semester isnt going to be a breeze but I’m still excited for it. I already have trips to San Diego, Arizona, Vegas, and even 2 trips to New York! Can’t wait!!

This semester I’m taking 5 chemical engineering classes. Mass Transfer, CHE lab, Biochemical Engineering, Process Design, and Process Control.┬áCHE444a is Chemical Engineering Laboratory. Last semester I took CHE444b [makes no sense I know :P], but since I’ve already taken a CHE lab class I think this class should be pretty straight forward for me.┬áCHE489 is Biochemical Engineering. This is the class with the most interesting but since it’s from 6:30-9pm on Wednesdays it’s pretty brutal. I don’t know how I’m gonna focus for that long every wednesday :/ So far my favorite class is Process Control. The professor is fantastic which of course makes it a great class already. On top of that, the material is really interesting. It’s a lot of math but I love it! I’ve missed having math classes. What can I say, I’m an enginerd :)It’s only been 3 weeks of school but so far I’m feeling really good about this semester. Wish me luck!

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