Senior Year Coming to an End

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Ahhhhh tomorrow is my registration day for my last semester of classes! I can’t believe how fast these past few years have flown by. I’m both excited and scared for what lies ahead. It feels like real life is fast approaching. I really hope “real life” will be as fun as the past 4 years have been. For now I’m pretty excited for my last semester. This will be the first semester that I don’t have class on Friday! Finally!!! Making my class schedule was soooo easy this time since I only need 5 classes to graduate. It will still be a challenging semester but hopefully in a good way. Unless anything changes I will be taking Mass Transfer (CHE446), Biochemical Engineering (CHE489), Chemical Process Dynamics and Control (CHE460, Chemical Engineering Lab (CHE444), and Chemical Plant Design (CHE480). It will be a lot of work but at least I have Friday’s to relax! 😀


My last semester schedule with no Friday class!! 🙂

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