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There are many things that drew me to USC when choosing a school including its location. USC is located in the heart of Los Angeles only a few miles from downtown. There is so much to do in this city from going to the beach to experiencing the nightlife. I’ve tried to take advantage of everything LA has to offer. There are always big concerts, sports games, and events like movie premieres. On top of all the fun activities Los Angeles also has the most amazing food. This city has the best of every cuisine. During my time at USC I have been able to try so many types of food for the first time. Little Ethiopia, Little Tokyo, and Chinatown are all pretty close to campus and offer unique experiences that I would have never had at home in Arizona. Let’s not forget my favorite part about LA: the weather! I absolutely love the warm beach weather that we get almost year round. The best part is that USC is located only about 15 minutes from the beach. All of these things make living in LA so much fun and make me even happier about my choice to attend USC.


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