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This week is national Engineers Week! Every year during E-week, Viterbi plans fun activities that take place in the Engineering Quad on campus. On Tuesday, different engineering student orgs set up booths in the E-quad.  They had games, free frozen yogurt, and free cupcakes. I was so bummed that I had class and couldn’t get any of the free food. Wednesday was E-week Dodge ball. Engineers gathered in the E-quad for some friendly competition. Today is the KIUEL Showcase where the artistic talents of Viterbi students are displayed in the Viterbi museum. Students can submit paintings, sculptures, music, photography, and more. Tonight there is a Viterbi Talent Show and Date Auction. In between acts, engineers will be auctioned off with 2 tickets to the Viterbi Ball, which takes place this Friday night. Friday morning is Discover-E. This is the part I am most excited about. 200 middle school students are coming to the E-quad to participate in engineering related activities with Viterbi student organizations. AIChE is making homemade ice cream with the kids!!

E-week is a lot of fun for Viterbi Engineers. Check out E-week on facebook to see what the engineers at USC are up to this week.

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