Contagion (the movie)

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This weekend I watched Contagion. It was surprisingly scary but intriguing at the same time. The whole film is about an unidentified virus that quickly turns into an epidemic. The CDC, W.H.O., etc work furiously to figure out where the virus started and to find a vaccine while everyone else panics. People start going crazy, committing crimes and rioting. The reason it was scary was because it seemed very realistic. It felt like something that could actually happen in my lifetime. And to top it off I was watching it with my sick boyfriend who was coughing the whole time. I kept feeling like I was going to catch the virus. Word of advice: DO NOT watch Contagion with a sick person or if you are sick!

I normally don’t like movies that I find even remotely scary in any way, but the nerd in me really enjoyed this movie. It was really interesting to see how a virus can spread so quickly and even mutate into a different virus. It was also cool to see the how various organizations, like the CDC, go about trying to understand and solve an epidemic. I’ve heard that this film did a pretty accurate job of showing how those organizations operate.

So if you’re not sick and you are interested in seeing a scientific thriller then I recommend you go see Contagion.

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