Chemical Engineering In My Own Words

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It’s my final semester as a CHE student! Chemical Engineering started out with a lot of basic chemistry and math but now I feel like I’m doing real engineering. As a freshman, every chemical engineer takes CHE120 with Dr. Lee. Senior year things come full circle and everyone takes Mass Transfer (CHE446) with the same professor. Mass transfer applies everything we’ve learned up until this point to real world engineering examples. All the pieces finally seem to fit together and I’m understanding how everything I’ve learned is used in the real world.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is one of the best parts of this year. We have a lot of fun planning events for our fellow chemical engineers. Next week we are having an emphasis panel to help the underclassmen learn more about the different emphases in chemical engineering and the classes that go along with them. Upperclassmen will be there to talk about their experiences in the biochemical, nanotechnology, environmental, petroleum, and polymers/materials emphases.

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