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The Prusa i3 3D Printer I built!

Welcome back everyone! It’s time to get going with Spring semester and all of the fun (and homework) that comes along with the new year!

First off, Winter Break was awesome. Phoenix was unseasonably “cold”, so naturally I was enjoying the 45-50 degree weather, and I was able to relax while also getting some work done. Over the three weeks I planned out fraternity rush as part of my new role on the Interfraternity Council as VP of Recruitment, went to the Holiday Bowl to see the Trojans final game of the season, and built a 3D printer!¬†While the football game was a disappointment it was a lot of fun since most of my family is from Wisconsin, so there was a nice little friendly rivalry going on. Also, building the printer was a great experience, as it was essentially a grown-up Lego set, except with legit tools and pieces and lots of electrical wiring.

View from my seats at the Holiday Bowl

View from my seats at the Holiday Bowl

I also got to apply to some internship positions over break, which is exactly what I will continue to do for the next couple of weeks. The internship hunt is a tough one, but you really start to get an idea of what companies you would want to work for and what industry you really want to get into. In addition to real world activities, I will also be taking some very interesting, real-world-applicable classes this semester which I am very excited for. So far my two favorite classes are ITP499: Computer-Aided Design for Bio-mechanical Design and BME416: Development and Regulation of Medical Products. In ITP499 we’re learning SolidWorks, a CAD program that I have wanted to learn for a while. Knowing SolidWorks is a big plus to a lot of employers so it’s great to be able to take a class on it, and it’s cool that I can create my own parts to 3D print as well! BME416 is supposed to be a great segway into the world of regulation and quality control, and after only one class session I have already learned a ton about FDA regulations, classification of medical devices/products, and the various acronyms and jargon used in these industries.

On top of these two courses I am also taking my third semester of Physics, and two mechanical engineering courses, Dynamics and Strength of Materials. Outside of class I’ll be involved in the Interfraternity Council, 3D4E, and get back to coaching Little League, among other various commitments here and there. Something new that I’m looking forward to is potentially doing a Makeathon through ASBME in February where you form a team and actually make your own medical device. This semester is definitely going to be action packed and full of new experiences.

Lastly, in case you haven’t heard apparently USC is making its transition into a basketball school and the Trojans are currently 1st place in the Pac-12. So don’t worry sports fans, you’ll still be able to get your bimonthly sports update from yours truly as I move from covering the Trojan Football team to the Trojan Basketball team, and eventually the baseball team later this semester. Here’s to Fighting On for my 6th semester!




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