Food in Los Angeles: A USC Student’s Guide to Off-Campus Eateries (Part 1)

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Last weekend, my mother ventured across the country for USC’s parent’s weekend. Throughout the weekend, my mother and I had a great time walking all over campus and partaking in the football-related festivities. As a student though, the best part of parent’s weekend is the food. Why? Because on parent’s weekend, my mother spoils me and always takes me out to a unique, nice restaurant that I normally would not go to during the school year.

On the Saturday night of parent’s weekend, my mother and I decided to go to Wurstkuche, a German sausage restaurant. A quick ten minute drive to the other side of downtown Los Angeles, Wurstkuche is famous for its many different types of sausages and bratwursts, all of which (according to me) are absolutely delicious. I normally tend to have the spicier sausages, such as the Sante Fe sausage, and load it with spicy peppers and sauerkraut. On the side, I always order Wurstkuche’s fries, which compliment the meal nicely. Wurstkuche provides over 15 different dipping sauces for the fries; so, depending on your taste or your mood, there is always a flavor for you. Throw in a water, and I was eating a delicious meal that cost less than ten dollars. My mother may have been in town, but I was able to eat at Wurstkuche on a college student’s budget.

Following dinner, my mother and I traveled across the street to The Pie Hole, a dessert restaurant. From chocolate pies to pumpkin pies, The Pie Hole has all sorts of tasty options. That night, my mother and I split an apple pie with ice cream. After polishing off the last dollop of ice cream, my mother drove me back to campus and headed to the airport to catch her red-eye flight back home. All in all, Parent’s Weekend was fabulous, and adventuring to restaurants in Los Angeles made it all the more memorable.

Inspired by my weekend, I plan on discovering more restaurants in Los Angeles, and I encourage you to do the same. Los Angeles has so many great food options. If you are going to attend USC, you might as well take advantage of everything Los Angeles has to offer. This blog is only part one in a five part review of Los Angeles eateries, so stay tuned for more recommendations and delicious stories!

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Any sausage or bratwurst you can think of!

The Pie Hole looks pretty delicious

The inside of Wurstkuche

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