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Class of ’19

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Hello friends, welcome to my student page! I’m Aarya, a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. Outside of engineering, I’m a member of the Environmental Core , the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the Social Justice Learning Institute. Outside of school I like running, going to concerts, and exploring all the nifty things to do in Los Angeles. Thanks for checking out my page!

My Favorite Places in LA



Ecore is USC’s environmental activism group. We try to make sustainable change on campus, such as getting rid of plastic straws, adding more composting and recycling bins, and trying to get more solar energy on campus. We also go on hikes and adventures together, so it’s just a great group of tree-loving people.
SHPE is a professional organization geared to supporting and empowering Hispanic engineers. This organization puts on networking, academic, and outreach events, among so many other things. Join SHPE!
SJLI is a nonprofit in Inglewood that empowers high school boys of color through education. I’m an Academic Support Tutor, so I help high schoolers with their homework, SAT prep, and other school-related help that they might need. Also, it allows me to explore a new part of town!

My Major at USC: Mechanical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
Don’t let anyone tell you math isn’t fun. In my differential equations class, I learn about matrices, eigenvalues, and third order differential equations, as well as other snazzy math concepts. It’s beautiful to me how everything works out as if it were meant to be.
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My Tips for You

Application Essays

Be honest and be yourself. I know you might here that a lot, but it's true! I wrote about how I love cooking and music, which aren't very engineering oriented. But I wrote from the heart, and that's most important.

Application Extracurriculars

Talk about what you're passionate about, not what you think the admissions office will want to see. If you're really into a foreign language, write about that. Or if you're part of your school's engineering club, that's great, too!

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you guess which of these are true or false?

My Favorite Movies

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a well-deserved classic, sprinkled with motivational life quotes and random acts of fun. I strive to live everyday as Ferris Bueller-esque as possible , minus kicking my dads’s car.

  • One of the best romantic comedies (but comedic in a weird way) that I have ever seen. It has a subtitled dog. And it’s on Netflix! What more could you want?

  • This is hands down the best movie I watched this summer, and honestly maybe ever. It’s so funny I cried a little and so touching that I cried a lot.