Changing Things Up Second Semester Junior Year

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What’s up! I hope you guys have had a kick butt first few weeks back to school. I know a lot of people don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, but I sure buy into that societal norm. I’ve decided to change some things about the way I do college, which I will outline below.

By “change” I really mean alter the very fiber of my college existence’s being. I’m talking a full switch from hippie dippie Aarya who wants to save the world to – well still relatively hippie dippie Aarya who just wants to make some cool airplanes.

After taking Fluid Mechanics (AME 309) with my favorite professor of all time (Professor Radovich, shoutout if you’re reading this), I decided that I actually really like planes, espcially their wings. So from now on, I am trying to focus on planes and fluids more. This has manifested itself as me switching from the normal AME track to the Fluids & Thermodynamics track. I’m also starting to look for more fluids research in Viterbi, and maybe join a design team. Things are happening!

In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful song by my boys across the pond. I’ve been starting to listen to more British Rock lately and honestly I don’t know how to feel. Will I go full grunge? Only time will tell.

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Aarya is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. Lover of music and bad puns. Click above to find out more.

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