LINKS is Here to Help: Making your College Decision

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Sam wrote a great post last month about a tool that the Viterbi students have been hard at work on called LINKS. We have been working on filming videos and submitting content in order to convey what student life as a Viterbi engineer is like. Viterbi students have already submitted their Los Angeles hotspots on yelp, pictures from their student …

The Best of LA: Food Edition

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Hey everyone, Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sorry that my blog post wasn’t on Friday this week, I was traveling up to San Jose for final round interviews for a healthcare technology consulting position with PwC and I just got back last night. I know a lot of my other friends have been writing about their favorite places around Los …

My Favorite Study Spot: Doheny Book Stacks

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Hey everyone, This week was crazy! Can you believe that it is already November? I sure can’t. I had my second to last Freshman Academy Coach meeting today, and we are interviewing all the candidates for the 2014 Interfraternity Council board next week. It is pretty crazy that things are already almost coming to an end … please make it …

Ready to Begin the Journey: Order of the Torch

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Hey everyone, I hope that your weeks have been great! I can honestly say that this has been one of the most magnificent weeks of my life here at USC. Yesterday at 5:34 pm an email I received from the Order of the Torch selection committee changed my life here at USC forever. Let me rewind first though.

My Favorite On Campus Organization: Interfraternity Council

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Hey everyone, Hope you had a great week as always! Can’t believe that this semester is about half-way over and yet it still seems to be going by faster and faster. This week I wanted to talk a little bit about my favorite involvement on campus, the Interfraternity Council (IFC). The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of 23 greek …

A Much Needed Break: Catalina Island

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Hey everyone, Hope you have all had a great week! Cheers to the weekend, I know it has definitely been a busy week for me. But first the picture of the week which comes to us from last Friday’s Gamma Phi Invite – Roaring 20s (except their Executive Board and their dates dressed like modern day gangsters).  Can you say “FLAVOR …