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April 12, 2021 in Housing at USC, Life at USC, On Campus

Home Away From Home

As a junior currently living at home, I have definitely been missing my time living on campus. I remember as a high school senior I…
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April 2, 2021 in College Breaks, Life at USC, Off Campus, Uncategorized, Why USC

Food, Me, and USC

It gives sustenance, cultivates creativity, and is different everywhere in the world. The combinations of this glorious thing can be compared to the millions of…
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April 15, 2021

My “Why USC!”

The college application and decision process is tough for everyone, and I was no exception. Being a relatively indecisive person, I had a really tough…
Life at USCWhy USC
April 14, 2021

More than A Feeling- Why I Chose USC

Despite appearing far past that point of nail-biting and the agonizing that goes into determining your college choice, I and every current student alike has…
footballLife at USCWhy USC
April 13, 2021

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink – Why USC

If you know the idiom/meme about "everything but the kitchen sink", then you'll probably see where I'm going with this. USC quite literally put everything…