Read about what it’s like to be a student at Viterbi, from our favorite classes to fun student organizations and more!

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Tune in to hear Rhea speak with professors, students and organizations at Viterbi to talk about hot topics in engineering.

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Meet Viterbi Students

Interested in a specific major, club, or opportunity? Check out student profiles of Viterbi students. They have tons of information to share on Viterbi Life.

Meet Viterbi Students


We've got the scoop on what it's like to live, study, work, and play on campus.

What's your most memorable USC experience?

Meet Rhea
"When my ultimate frisbee team upset Berkeley to earn a spot at Nationals!!" - Rhea

Meet Daniel

"Studying abroad for 7 weeks in Rome, Italy through the Viterbi Summer Overseas Program has been the biggest highlight of my USC experience thus far!" - Daniel

You might be wondering...

Of course! Apart from all the opportunities across USC, Viterbi also has its own overseas program. These are great ways to explore new cities, immerse yourself in different cultures, and learn about engineering from a worldwide perspective.

Find more about the overseas program, Ipodia, and volunteering abroad at!

You can do research as early as a freshman! It’s as easy as finding a project and topic you’re interested in, and reaching out to a professor on campus. Research is a great way to explore new topics outside the classroom.

“I work in the USC Biomechanics Lab as an undergraduate researcher; the junction of sports performance analysis, engineering and preventative medicine fascinates me, and the work excites me every day!”
– Rhea, Biomedical Engineering ’19

Find out about other research projects Viterbi students are involved in here.

Of course not! #ViterbiLife is so much more than doing homework and taking classes. Being an engineer at Viterbi means being involved in the community, exploring new interests, and pursuing your passions! There are plenty of ways to do that, from joining student organizations, getting involved in athletics, and exploring all there is to see in Los Angeles.

Read about what students do in their free time at

Student organizations are a great way to meet fellow engineers and collaborate on cool new projects! There are plenty of organizations at Viterbi, from professional ones that help you prepare for your first job interview to design teams where you can build your first project.

Find the entire list of student organizations at

USC Housing doesn’t separate students by major! This means you could be living with someone in a completely other school at USC! There are plenty of housing dining options on and off campus for your time here at USC.

Read about housing options at

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